7 Reasons Why Yin Yoga is So Popular

You can consider Yin Yoga as a method of yoga rather than a specific brand. It is a subtler way to practice yoga that involves a few poses held for longer durations of time.

The longer holds and periods of stillness promote qualities such as patience and observation and give our nervous system and mind a chance to relax and rebalance.

Here are a few of the reasons that Yin Yoga has become so popular among yogis.


When we are constantly on the gas, it’s hard to achieve a balance between health and wellness. Ironically, because we’re so used to living life at full speed, we don’t really know how to relax and be in the present moment.

Yin practices offer the chance to unwind and relax through periods of stillness, which is needed by people worldwide.


In our complex and often confusing world, simplicity is as nice and needed as stillness. Sometimes, our yoga practice can add to the complexity.

When I have a hectic week or day, I know that a dynamic class with fast transitions and tricky poses can throw me off balance. But Yin, oh Yin! It’s almost like hugging my brain…and its simple sense of balance always brings me back into balance.

Deep Relaxation

Many of us tend to feel tense, so the idea of feeling deeply relaxed (which is quite different from being exhausted and collapsing into bed) may seem strange.

Yin Yoga doesn’t stimulate the nervous system or body but instead encourages it to slow down. This is a great way to reach that deep state of relaxation.

Balance the Chi

Chi, Prana — call it what you will, but its nature is harmony and balance.

Yin Yoga encourages a balanced flow of Chi through the entire system, which can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Flexible Workplaces

You know why I put it at number five? Most people choose Yin Yoga because they want to experience an incredible stretch! Relaxing the muscles and working the connective tissues in passive holds can provide a sense of freedom and flexibility to the body.

It also increases mental flexibility.

Balance All That Yang

The majority of life is Yang. We are always moving, both with our bodies and our minds. We plan, analyze, remember, respond, react, create, move, and then do it again.

Being Yin means being still, quiet, reflective, and observant less about doing and more about just being.

Meditation: Less Reactive, More Meditative

Do not be fooled by the idea that Yin can be easy.

The mind will do its best to make you react when it becomes bored or uncomfortable. Do you know about those phantom itch sensations that suddenly appear on your body? Or the need to change your clothes or hairstyles? Hmmmm, we can choose to react or ignore these phantom itch sensations.

The stillness that comes with Yin can be a meditation in which we learn to ignore (and then still) our mind’s patterns and fluctuations. It’s in that place that we can find true peace.

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