New Year, new you: How to stick to your yoga practice

With the new year upon us, you may be thinking about a resolution to practice yoga. However, resolutions have proven themselves challenging actually to become resolute. How many of us resolve and only want it to last one month?

Our resolutions often point towards a more profound, complex lifestyle change. This kind of change takes time and is gradual. Follow these tips to maintain your yoga goals and stick to your practice in the new year.

Honesty is the best policy.

There are many expectations that we have of ourselves based on the external pressures of those around us. Why force yourself to attend a class at 6:00 am if you are not accustomed to mornings? It’s not a matter of right or wrong; we all do things our way.

Keep in mind that your practice should and will look different from those of others.

Find a class and teacher that you love.

It makes me excited to go to class when I see my favorite teachers on the schedule. I’m excited to see what she has planned for us. Finding a teacher or class that you love will motivate you to continue your practice.

Rock n’ Roll is coming!

Prepare yourself for success before your practice by getting all the things you need to be prepared.

Make sure you pack your bag the night before. You are more likely to practice if it is ready and packed. It’s important to remember your goals when you see your bag. It also saves you time and reduces stress by not having to rush to prepare things at the last minute.

Put on your yoga clothes. The clothes we wear have a profound impact on how we feel. Our brain makes associations between what we wear and the activities we perform in it. Wearing your yoga clothing can signal to your body to boost your energy and get ready to practice.

Make it a habit.

Make it a habit when you discover what works best for you. So, every Monday, or whatever day you choose, you will automatically think, “It’s Yoga Day!” Block out a chunk of your calendar for yoga and treat this time as “un-re-schedule-able.”

Include family members and friends.

When I visit my hometown, my mom and I always practice Saturday mornings, and then we have brunch. It’s always something I look forward to. It makes practicing fun and also keeps us both accountable for getting up early to practice. Involve your friends and family to create a personal support network.

Compassionate yourself.

Do not beat yourself up for falling out of routine. The unexpected happens. Boulders will fall into your path. Remember to keep everything in perspective. You are changing your lifestyle. Take small steps every day toward your goal.

You can use the time you miss from yoga to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Obstacles are only there to encourage us to try something else.

Yoga is much more than asanas.

Last year, I pushed myself to make a resolution that was too demanding for me. This resulted in a serious injury, which kept me from practicing yoga for nine months. It was a frustrating period, and I became callous towards yoga.

When I finally accepted this, I realized that there are many ways to practice yoga without doing asanas.

Pranayama. The breath work can be done anywhere and anytime. You can energize your body without moving.

Mediation. A “flow” mentality can be achieved without a vinyasa flow.

Living by the yamas , and niyamas.


When you change your routine, remember that sleep cannot be removed. Sleep is often viewed as a waste of time in our high-achieving culture. However, it is vital to your overall health and well-being.

You will have more energy if you get a better night’s sleep. You will sleep better if you are more energetic. The average adult needs 5-6 cycles of sleep, which is 7.5-9 hours per night.

These tips will hopefully help you find the best solution for you. Let go of external pressures that you must be or act in a certain way. Your practice and you are unique. Keep to your practice.

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