Common Misalignments of Bow Pose and How to Correct Them

Bow Pose seems simple enough: you lie on your belly and reach back for your feet. It’s one of those poses that kids will do on their own accord just because it’s silly and feels good.

It’s very easy for yogis to make mistakes with this pose. Some of these can lead to injuries. It is important to find the proper alignment to get all of its benefits.

There are a few common alignment issues in Bow Pose, and here’s how to fix them.

Correct Grip

Many new people to Bow want to contact their ankles or feet without thinking about their grip. It is important to grip the ankles and not the tops.

You can do a few things if you find it difficult to reach your ankles. You can use a looped strap to wrap around your ankles. Grab the strap with your outside hand as if you were holding the outsides of your ankles. This will create the resistance you need to lift your body off the floor and increase flexibility.

A rolled-up mat or blanket can also be placed under the hips. This will give you a slight lift, which can help to make it easier for your ankles to be accessed.

Knees Spread Wide

Many of us tend to have our knees open to the side as the thighs lift off the mat. In this pose, the knees are supposed to be hip-distance apart.

Place a block in between their knees if you are having trouble keeping them straight. By having to squeeze the block in order to keep it in position, the knees will be pulled inwards. Once you have mastered this squeezing motion, it will become much easier to remove the block.

Holding Tension Lower Back

Bow Pose involves a backbend and requires the back to be warmed up properly so that it does not cause injury. In this pose, you can easily tweak your lower back by grasping the area. This pose is a good way to strengthen your legs, arms, and back.

Instead of bending the back, think about legs and arms pulling on each other equally to raise the body. Relax the lower back while engaging the upper and middle back. Also, it is important to push your tailbone towards the floor. This will protect your lower back.

You’ll feel great when you nail this pose. Bows can aid digestion, reduce stress, and improve flexibility and strength. This is a great home stretch to include in your practice!

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