How to Do Forearm Wheel Pose

The forearm Wheel pose is a deep backbend, and for most of us, it can take time to feel good in it. The wait and effort you put in will be worth it, though, because the pose offers pretty huge benefits. The deep opening through the frontal hips, belly, chest, shoulders, and thighs is thorough and delicious, and this shape also strengthens the shoulders and spinal muscles. Plus, taking a backbend like this one can open your lungs and even entice more courage.

It will take some time to become comfortable with this posture, but you can start taking steps to achieve it. Please keep it safe, and move slowly!


Always warm up your body with Sun salutes before doing any backbends. Warm up with Locust or Bridge Pose before you do a deep backbend. For the Forearm wheel, you might want to do some rounds of Dolphin pose and Camel.


As you come into a strong wheel pose, remember to embody all the foundations. Keep your feet parallel and press your elbows and thighs towards each other. Press equally into your four limbs. As you get closer to the Forearm wheel, keep these foundations in mind so you don’t fall.

Improve Your Stance

You can also stand up on your toes. Lower your head to the ground and shorten your posture by stepping closer to your hands. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift your hips. Press your thighs towards the centerline.

Lower your arms

This step should be taken very slowly. Drop one forearm to the mat at a time. Check in with yourself. If it’s too intense for your shoulders or your back, stay on one forearm.

Depending on how much rotation your forearms have at the moment, you can either flatten out your palms or interlace them around your head. Don’t hurry this process. Your body will unfold at its rate.


As you become stronger, lift your head by pressing your elbows against the mat.


Look at your hands or toes. Start by holding for three breaths. Add more time when you feel comfortable.

Reverse the steps to exit. Drop your head and replace the hands. Then, return to Wheel. Lower down from the Wheel to the bridge, then do a Reverse twist before countering the backbend.

It can be thrilling to take your yoga practice deeper. Learning a new pose or realizing that your body has opened up in order to go deeper with an old favorite is a great feeling. Remember: this is not about getting a perfect pose. It’s all about learning about yourself and your own body. Enjoy the journey, and be patient!

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