The 3 Best CrossFit Yoga Poses

If you love spending time in the CrossFit box, then read on! Yoga is a great complement to the intense workouts you do every day.

These poses will open up and relax your muscles after all the strength training and repeated movements you do in CrossFit.

Try these Yoga poses to release tension and improve flexibility.

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is the mother of all poses to open tight spots in the lower body. The longer you remain in this position, the more pleasure will be felt by your hips and legs.

You will notice that your body feels much more relaxed when you do squats and lunges.

There are several ways to get into Pigeon pose. Start in Tabletop Pose, and then slide your right leg towards your wrist while your left leg extends behind you. You can choose to remain upright (or let your body decide) or to fold your chest toward the floor.

Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Warrior II

In this pose, it’s about the alignment. If you’re not aligned properly in CrossFit, then the chances of getting hurt are pretty high. It’s important to ensure that your body can perform at its best with fast movements and timed exercises.

If you are doing Warrior II correctly, your knee should be directly above your heel/ankle. You’re not doing it right if you see your knee slanting in or out during this pose.

Start with Down Dog. Start in Down Dog. Lift yourself into Warrior II with your fingertips pointing away from one another, arms parallel to the ground, and hips wide open. Feel the power of this pose. As you gaze at your fingertips, squeeze your legs towards each other while keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Repeat the process on the other side.


My favorite. Many people take this pose for granted and try to escape. CrossFitters must relax in this pose, especially after the intense workouts of the day (WODs, for those who are not familiar!). This is the best way to relax.

Begin by lying on your stomach. Close your eyes, let your feet drop, and place your palms either up or down. As your body becomes more relaxed, take nice, deep breaths in and out of your nose. Concentrate on your breath to release any tension you may be holding in certain parts of your body. Breathe into any area that you are holding onto.

You can stay here for up to 10 minutes until you have everything you need. After you finish your final pose, you will feel like a gazelle.

If you take these three poses, Pigeon, Warrior II, and Savasana, you’ll reap the benefits of stretching and breathing post-CrossFit class. Give it two weeks, and you’ll be a CrossFit ready to squat deeper with stronger, looser limbs.

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