7 Days of Free Yoga: Embrace the Slow Life

Want to know what the best thing about slowing down is? That time seems to slow down as well. When your mind and body start to turn down the pace, it’s as if time stretches open, and life becomes way less crunchy and tense and so much sweeter and full of possibility.

Let’s get this out of the way now: I’m a big fan of the slow life.

I walk slowly (most of the time), meditate daily, take a lot of savasana breaks (on random floors), and enjoy the deep, inward nature of a good Yin poses.

I think so many of us spend way too much time going fast. Sure, I’m game for a “jumpy-pumps” sweat sesh now and then, but what I’ve found is that I’m better served emotionally, physically, and spiritually when my yoga practice is taken down a notch and made ├╝ber mindful.

In my classes and my practice, I enjoy not only asana (physical poses) but also the art of practicing with intention. I dive into yogic philosophy, various pranayama practices (i.e., breathing), meditation, chakra tuning, and other stuff that I think is way too interesting and helpful to leave out.

I love to take all of this amazing yogic wisdom and wrap it up in an accessible, inclusive, and happy way. That’s what I’ve tried to do in the 7-Day Home Yoga Retreat that I created alongside my pals here at DOYOU.

Your (FREE!) 7 Day Home Yoga Retreat!

I’ve created seven mini-classes for you to do at home. Think of it as your little retreat. Please set up your space, make it special, and enjoy cultivating your inner peace with the help of a trusted friend and teacher (that’s me!).

Expect slow flows, juicy Yin poses, meditation, deep breaths, and spontaneous smiles. If you read that sentence and only understood the part about the unprepared smiles, fear not. I’ll explain everything as we go.

Stretch your bodacious body.

Each day of the retreat is centered around a theme. Usually, it’s a physical focus paired with an intention. I want you to walk away from each class feeling more open, less tense, and maybe even a little stronger, too.

Through my work as a Yyoga lifestyle coach,I’ve witnessed just how powerful connecting with the sensations and rhythms of the body is. I hope that in slowing down, you’ll be able to experience your body on a deeper level.

Declutter your mind.

Through meditation, breathing, and concentration, I’m hoping you’ll drop some of the life overwhelm and leave our classes feeling much more focused and clear.

One of the foundations of my life is my personal meditation practice. It helps me to get centered, release negative thoughts, and understand myself better. By incorporating a little meditation into each class, I hope to provide you with a glimpse of this space of possibility.

You can make your face and soul happy ().

I am a soulful and spiritual teacher. It’s a fact! I guarantee that I will teach in a fun, accessible, and inclusive manner. I had a professor (a university teacher) once who told me, “I am offering you a buffet.” “Eat what you want.”

This is how I am both a teacher and a student. I will encourage you to explore and push your limits, as well as find what works best for you.

Yoga together

I hope that we can expand your yoga horizons together by doing things that go beyond the physical. Our time together will enrich and enhance your life. I want to cover many different aspects of this ancient wisdom called yoga so that you feel calm, centered, and stretched.

Sign up now. Each day, starting June 20, you’ll receive a 10-minute class in your email. This is a totally free service that’s suitable for everyone, including beginners and teachers. I’m so excited to practice with you.

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