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Balancing Table Pose

Dandayamna Bharmanasana is a challenging pose that tests your balance and strengthens the core, back, and bum. To begin the posture, take a step on all fours and evenly press between the hands and the toes’ tops. Then, lift one leg and the other, pressing it back into the heel that is elevated and then reaching forward using the elevated hands. Keep your gaze looking towards the ceiling and downwards, focusing on your breath to increase concentration. If you’d like to incorporate additional movements to your practice, bend your elbow and knee and bring them closer while stretching the back and then extend it back. Repetition 15 times each on the other side. Securing your knee if needed to ensure you are comfortable in the posture.

Forearm Plank Pose with Leg Lifts

Makara Adho Mukhasvanasana, often referred to as forearm plank pose or dolphin plank pose, is a great exercise for strengthening the core, arms, legs, and bum. It’s an intense posture that can be held in silence, or you can intensify it by lifting one leg at a time while pointing toward the toes and focusing on the glutes. When you are in the posture, hold it for 20-30 minutes before moving. It would be best if you left the leg ten times across each leg.

Plank with Shoulder Reach and Side Plank With Shoulder Reach

In this version of Vasisthasana, it is important to protect your wrists by stabilizing the forearms and strengthening and strengthening your core and arms. When you begin the posture, concentrate on pulling the heels forward and pressing your forearms firmly. When you are comfortable, you can start to raise one arm upwards during the inhale and then, on the exhale, begin to extend the hand towards the shoulder blade opposite. As you increase the speed, make sure to keep your hips elevated to target the obliques, as well as tone the core.

Chaturanga Push Ups

Chaturanga is an excellent method to strengthen your arms. A little can go a long way! It is possible to do the “hardcore version – knees raised, similar to a full plank. You can lower your knees to increase strength and support for the body. Keep your elbows into the ribcage until you do 10 to 15 repetitions. Make sure to complete the exercises slowly and mindfully. Quality over quantity is a good thing!

Boat Twist

Navasana assists in strengthening the hip flexors and core muscles as well as balance upon the sit bones. When you are in the posture, then add the twist by bringing your hands toward Anjali Mudra. Moving the mudra from side to side while keeping the balance within your sit bones. The block can be used for any purpose, but I’ve found that putting it between my legs can serve as a good reminder to keep my thighs occupied as well as to eventually increase the strength and tone of the lower body and core.

Goddess to Five-Pointed Star Squats

The goddess pose (kata konasana) will stretch your chest and hips while toning your lower back. The carriage can be made more dynamic by bending into utthita Tadasana (five-pointed Star). Repeat the exercise between 1 and 3 minutes, thereby increasing the heart rate while strengthening the lower part of the body.

Do this for 14 days and observe the changes in your body and training. By focusing on generating energy and strength, your body and mind will be conditioned and ready for the summer heat.

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