Build Up to Lord of the Dance Pose

I’ve always connected to the Lord of the Dance pose (Natarajasana in Sanskrit) because I was a dancer myself growing up. I remember in one of my first yoga classes, my teacher cued for Dancer’s pose, and I thought to myself, oh, I’ve got to be able to do this one!

Natarajasana has the same expressive quality that I enjoy in dance. You have a beautiful and heart-opening backbend on the outside. It increases your energy and teaches concentration and grace. The posture creates a feeling of power and strength as you are strong and balanced.

You’ll need to open your shoulders and hamstrings. Stretch your quads, hip flexors, and hamstrings. You’ll also need stability and balance for Natarajasana, so it is important to practice poses that help you ground yourself and establish your foundation. Natarajasana, an advanced pose, requires you to have some heat in your body.

Here are some great poses to prepare for natarajasana after a thorough warming-up: anjaneyasana, The Warrior Pose I, II, and (3) Camel, Half Bow Pose, Pigeon, and King Pigeon position.

Tadasana with Arm Prep

Tadasana is a good starting point to establish a solid base before you move on. Lift your kneecaps by engaging your quad muscles and extending them while rooting through your feet.

Keep your palms facing up and rotate your shoulders inwards. Press your shoulder blades into your pockets. Take your left elbow and place it on your hip, palm up.

Quad Stretch with Hand Position

Grab the inside of your right foot by bending your left knee. Press your thumb in the soft area just below the ball of your shoe to get an extra boost. The solar plexus is located on the sole of your foot. The Solar Plexus Chakra is a powerful energy center that boosts confidence, morale, and spirit.

Kick Foot Into Hand

As you kick the foot, engage your leg muscles. You can then use this power to raise the knee and stretch the hip flexors. Keep growing tall as you kick your foot. Lift your heart and open your chest. Feel a slight bend in your upper spine.


Now we’re there! The pose is now underway. As you strengthen your foot and leg, embrace any wobbles or weeds. Continue to engage the quadriceps of the standing leg and stabilize your lower body.

Tilt forward

Continue pressing the foot into your hand while you lengthen and lean forward. Bring your arm out to your shoulder. Reduce your drishti so that you can see just beyond your fingertips. Look over your fingers with a focused gaze, and ignite your inner warrior while you balance in Natarajasana.

Modify it with Props.

Grab a strap to add another layer of Natarajasana! The belt can be used to help you find a deeper version of the pose. Instead of holding onto your foot, you can loop the strap around it and keep it behind your head while your elbows are pointed upwards.

Use your arm strength to pull the strap back. Work on moving your hands along the belt towards your foot. You can press your arrow against the wall for balance.

Find your expression of the Lord of the Dance position to gain strength, flexibility, and balance.

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