Eagle Pose: Its Holistic Benefits

Eagle Pose has it all — balance, strength, and flexibility. It will have you twisted up like a knot and holding on as hard as you can not fall over. When you unwind, you’ll find that it’s not just your body that feels untangled but your mind and spirit as well.

Eagle Pose has many holistic benefits, including stimulating the immune system and encouraging balance. It also aligns with the chakras.


Eagle Pose may look a bit tricky. It can be. But here’s how you do it:

Begin by standing in Mountain Pose.

Cross your right leg over the bent left leg as if you were sitting on a chair and crossing your legs.

Cross the legs once more by tucking your right ankle behind your left calf.

The knees should be bent generously.

Reach your arms straight in front of yourself.

Cross the left elbow over to the right.

The fingers should be pointing upwards.

Intertwine your hands so that the palms of both hands touch.

While maintaining your knees bent, try to raise the spine and head through the crown.

Raise your hands to align the elbows with the shoulders.

Relax your shoulders and lower back.

Keep your gaze fixed on a single point in front of you.

If this pose is difficult to balance, cross your legs only once and place your foot on the floor. Practice both sides.

Immune System Benefits

This pose restricts the blood flow through our body. When we cross our arms and legs to maintain balance and squeeze them together, this is what happens. It is the same pressure that we feel during a massage. This is an excellent way to release and stimulate the flow of new, immune-boosting blood.

A healthy circulation is essential for a good immune system. Our immune cells constantly scan the body for signs of invasion or attack. When they can’t flow freely, their efforts are hindered. Many factors can cause someone to have poor circulation. Many people today lead a sedentary life. Stress could also be a factor, as it can leave the body blocked and tense.

Encourage Balance

Finding a balance between yoga and everyday life is difficult. Eagle Pose is even more difficult to balance because our hands partially block the steady gaze at one point or drishti. Now, with an additional obstacle, we must still find balance.

Adults often have difficulty balancing and believe that they are losing their balance as they age. This may also be true in their private lives. Do they struggle to maintain a balance between a work life and a social one? Do they give everything to their kids and leave no time for themselves?

A yoga teacher told me once that people who couldn’t balance were doing so because they had convinced themselves that they couldn’t. We all have an inner voice that tells us what we are capable of and cannot do. She said that all we had to do was change the tone from “I have terrible posture” to “I can do this.”

When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense. How hard are you trying to accomplish something when you tell your body it can’t? You’ll find balance if you put all your energy into it and do it well.

The Eagle Pose also encourages balance at another level. By standing still in the pose and balancing both sides of your body, you will also balance the energy on each side. According to this theory, the body holds masculine energy on the right side of the body and feminine energy on the left. You may feel overly feminine (feminine) or aggressive (masculine) if one of these sides is out of balance.

By squeezing and unwinding the two ends, you can achieve a harmonious, calming effect.

Aligning Chakras

The chakras consist of a series of energy points that run from the base to the crown. Each yoga pose activates one or several chakras. Standing poses open the heart chakra, while backbends relate to the chakra of the roots.

Eagle Pose activates the root chakra by the strong connection with the floor. It also activates the third eye chakra, which is used to find the focal point. If you feel a bit lost, these are the two most important chakras that you should tap into. You can think of these chakras as representing our past and our future.

Our beginning is our roots, our past. Our roots are our family and home, as well as deep-seated beliefs. A strong root chakra indicates that we feel grounded and firmly rooted to our self. The opposite is true if it is out of balance.

Our intuition is the third eye, our place of self-knowledge and confidence. A balanced third eye reflects focus. Both chakras aligned can help you navigate through turbulent times or periods of major decisions.

By connecting with your roots, you are reminded of what’s important and what you need in order to be healthy and happy. Connecting with your Third Eye helps you trust your ability and make decisions that support your truth.

Eagle Pose can help you if you are feeling physically unwell or mentally unstable. This pose will bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. You will then be able to refresh and refocus.

What are the benefits you’ve discovered from Eagle Pose? When do you perform it? Comment below to share your experience with the community!

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