Pincha Mayurasana, or Forearm Stand, has many holistic benefits

Pincha Mayurasana is also known as the Forearm Stand or Feathered Peacock pose. Whatever you call this challenging inversion, the benefits are the same.

For you to be able to use this form in your yoga practice, your foundational skills must be very strong. The work doesn’t stop once you get up and running with Pincha. Pincha Mayurasana has many benefits.

Upper Back Strength

Pincha is known for its ability to strengthen the upper back and shoulders. Even as you maintain the posture, the work is happening. The upper back can be a place where you feel grounded and supported with the right alignment and guidance.

Improved Balance

It takes concentration and focus to maintain this posture. We use the tiny muscles to stabilize our posture without thinking about it. As we use these muscles more, we achieve better balance in other areas of life.

Calming the Mind

It is an excellent way to reduce stress and fight depression. It helps to energize the body and mind by bringing fresh blood into the brain.

It is only by focusing on the present that we can stay upright. This leaves us free from those annoying, worrying thoughts that plague our minds every day. Pincha makes us feel at peace and certainly less stressed.

Igniting the Side Body

This upside-down shape requires lots of muscle toning around the outer torso. Serratus muscles are the muscles that zigzag between ribs. They are very active in Pincha.

These muscles help lift the arms and shoulders and give us a stable upside-down stance.

Stretch Out

Pinchas that are performed straight up and down stretch the front of the human body. However, any variations that involve back bending will test the entire frontal plane, including the thighs, hips, belly, and chest.

Enticing Focus

To maintain balance, you will need to focus and concentrate. If you lose sight of this focus even for a fraction of a second, you may not be able to hold the pose. This exercise helps you develop the type of focus that can be used in many aspects of life.

Build Arm Strength

The upper arm (triceps and deltoid) is strengthened. The lower arms, which provide the weight-bearing foundation, also get stronger with each hold.

Once you find your Pincha Mayurasana pose, the journey does not end. You will only have begun to work through these specific areas when you see this particular pose.

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