The 20-Minute Yoga Session for Stay-at-Home Moms

Finding time to practice yoga as a mom is always a challenge. The best advice I was ever given was that “some yoga is better than no yoga at all.” The best yoga sequence for stay-at-home moms is one that requires little to no props, is quick yet effective, easy to get back into if interrupted, and safe. There is nothing like soaring into Crow only to have your toddler see that as an invitation for a “horsey ride,” and you then fall flat on your face.

You can easily incorporate this 20-minute sequence into your daily routine. When you have a break in your day, jump into this 20-minute sequence to steal some time for yourself.

Mountain Pose

Take a moment and center yourself. As you transition from mom to yogi, do a full-body scan and let go of any tension. Focus on your feet and your crown to lengthen.

This pose helps you become more aware of your body. This pose also corrects your posture and stabilizes your breathing.

As you begin to warm up, take 7-10 deep breaths. Swan dives into Forward Fold.

Standing Forward Fold

Uttanasana will help you stretch your legs and lower back. As you hang your head heavy, focus on releasing the tension that your mothers carry around in your neck.

This is an excellent way to reset your day and fight fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Continue for five breaths, then move into The Downward-Facing Dog. Walk your hands in front of you.

Downward Facing dog

It is a great pose for moms who are always on the move. This is a great pose to practice at home for a good alignment. You can hold this position for five breaths, then get on your hands and knees.

Pose of a Cat/Cow

This set of poses will get your body and heart moving. This fluid and fun flow will activate your core while stretching your neck and back in a comfortable way.

Lift your left arm and right leg, and lift your right arm after five deep breaths.

Tabletop with Arm and Leg Extended

You can work your core by holding your opposite leg and arm up and extending them. This exercise allows you to take in what your body is capable of while getting a great workout and strengthening it.

After five breaths on the other side, lower your arm and leg. Slide your hips back as you settle into a href= “ of child’s pose/”> Child’s pose/a>. After five breaths, switch sides low, er your arm and legs, and slide your hips forward as you settle in Child’s pose.

Child Pose

This relaxing pose relieves stress and tension while stretching your legs.

Continue to breathe in bliss for five breaths. Slowly lift your hips to the Down Dog position and bring forward one bent leg. Once your leg is in the forward position, lower your foot and raise your arms into a Low Lunge.

Low Lunge

As you open your hips, this pose will bring warmth to them. You can feel the mental focus increase as you remain in this position. This is important for all moms at home, not just those who stay at home.

Switch sides after five breaths. Vinyasa is the next step after you’ve done both sides. Bring your right leg up to the top of the mat and point your toes towards the corners.

Goddess Flow

Standing in a Goddess pose creates feelings of beauty and strength, which will make you feel like a warrior. It also boosts your confidence and strengthens your legs.

Hold the pose for five breaths, then Vinyasa it. As you inhale, straighten your legs and raise your arms overhead. Exhale and sink into Goddess. Do this for five breaths.

If you want to intensify the workout, hold the Goddess pose and alternately lift your heels. Then, slowly lower your heels into a Yogini Squat by heel-toeing.

Garland Pose (or Yogic Squat)

As soon as you settle into this pose, a calming energy is immediately released. Your body will also take its time to heal and aid digestion as your mind calms.

Hold for five breaths. Slowly get into a comfortable seated position.

Butterfly Pose

You will feel relaxed and calm after sitting in a butterfly pose. Your brain will also slow down and become more peaceful. This pose also oxygenates your reproductive and digestive systems.

Hold for five breaths. Bring your heels up to your buttocks and lay back.

Bridge Pose

This gentle inversion is the perfect way to finish your 20-minute yoga practice. Bridge Pose stimulates the reproductive, digestive, and nervous systems and can treat common ailments like congestion, headaches, and high blood pressure. The pose can relieve tension and aches in the upper body and revitalize muscles in the lower body.

Keep your legs lifted for five breaths. Then, you can release your legs and relax into Savasana. If you have time, you can take a “yoga break” to stretch any other part of your body that needs it.

This sequence is designed for moms who stay at home. It focuses on taking a moment to pause. This short pause will help you to remove yourself from the emotional, mental, and physical stress that is present at home.

This 20-minute sequence of yoga is customizable and can be done in many different ways. This is a simple and easy one you can sneak in at any time during the day. Stop, breathe, and take some time for yourself, mamas!

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