The Eight-Angle Pose: Its Holistic Benefits

Oh, Eight Angle Pose, you elusive beauty. I’ll never understand how yogis make this pose look so effortless in pictures when every attempt has left me facedown on the floor or stuck on the ground.

Even if the pose is difficult, the posture itself and its preparations are beneficial to the whole body and should not be forgotten, even if the pose never reaches its fullest expression.

Finding Balance

The Angle Pose, first and foremost, is an arm balance. This pose requires strength in both the arms and core. It also takes practice and patience.

This pose also involves eliciting opposing forces in order to achieve your goal. While simultaneously twisting your ankles and keeping the elbows near the body, you are also hugging into your core. At the same time, we are holding on and letting it go.

This pose has many meanings. This pose teaches us to balance life by pushing and pulling. It is important to remain calm and focused in difficult situations. It is important to learn how to be rooted and strong but still grow tall and long. This balancing act is important for learning most yoga poses, but especially more advanced ones such as Eight Angle.

Accepting things as they are

Astavakrasana is the Sanskrit term for this pose, which was named after the ancient sage Astavakra.

According to legend, his father cursed him while he was in the womb. As a result, his body is crooked at eight points. Astavakra didn’t let his physical imperfections hold him back. He was quoted as saying: “If you think of yourself as free, then you are free. If you think of yourself as bound, then one is bound.”

In this wisdom, we can see how mental strength is a crucial factor in achieving difficult poses. Our minds cannot tell us we are weak or inflexible enough to perform difficult poses. We must be confident yet humble in accepting our bodies for what they are, and we need patience to improve.

This process can take weeks, months, or even years. It is important to accept the situation as it is in each moment without judging ourselves.

Each step is an important part of the puzzle. It’s a moment to reflect and learn. When we reach the Eight Angle Pose with our mind, our focus and mental strength will allow us to achieve the same thing with our body.

Solar Plexus Fuel

Finding mental strength comes down to letting go of things that no longer serve us. The Eight Angle Pose and the core strengthening poses that precede it all focus on the Solar Plexus. This is the area below the sternum, above the navel. This is where we find our self-esteem and confidence.

We feel confident, strong, and powerful when we have a healthy Solar Plexus. We lack all these qualities when it is weak. Poses that help us to see this area clearly are very valuable to our self-esteem. We can build ourselves up physically and emotionally by doing the same.

Imagine how good it feels to achieve a difficult pose for the very first time. This confidence carries on beyond the mat. This is powerful and changes your perception of yourself.

It’s okay if you don’t find Eight Angle Pose. It’s less about the pose than it is what you discover on your way to it, say yogis. You will learn a lot about yourself as you work towards this pose.

You will hear your voice criticizing you, and you will find out what limits you have physically and mentally. If you are lucky, you may find the confidence to say goodbye.

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