Use Kundalini Yoga for Success

In a lot of ways, our yoga reflects who we are as a person. My practice is eclectic and depends very much on how I’m feeling that day and what I feel can most benefit my well-being.

On one day, I may only do restorative poses, such as an extended Savasana or Legs up the Wall. On other days, I may increase my heart rate by doing Vinyasa flows, where I alternate between Plank and Downward Dog. Although I love the physical benefits that my practice brings, I also turn to Kundalini Yoga to explore some more esoteric experiences.

Kundalini awakens the inner starchild in me, that part of myself who loves astrology and meditation. It also ignites a love for philosophy, chakras, and philosophies. Kundalini also identifies practices or kriyas that students can use to address a particular issue. Depressed? You can find a kriya to help you. You can’t get rid of an addiction. Addiction kriya can help. Do you want to be more successful? This article will guide you to some specific strategies.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

You’ll hear different answers depending on whom you ask. Kundalini is, for me, a belief in a coiled, luminous energy that is at the base of our spine. This is known as Kundalini, according to ancient teachings. Some people believe it appears as a coiled snake.

Our Kundalini energy is released when our chakras align (the seven energy centers located from the base to the top of the head). This energy moves up our spine, allowing us the ability to use it in our everyday lives.

This means that when we are committed to our practice, we can reach our highest selves. Although I believe that all forms of yoga can lead to this transformation, some people consider Kundalini Yoga the “fast track” for achieving it.

Kundalini Yoga Benefits

Kundalini yoga practitioners often refer to their practice not as a religion but rather as a technique. They are saying that although Kundalini Yoga can sound “out there,” its ultimate goal is to make you happy.

You don’t come to the mat to see what happens. Instead, you have a goal and an intention. It is very focused and helps focus a wandering brain with various strategies, including pranayama (hand gestures) and different types of eye focus.

Mudras and Mantras can help you achieve greater success

It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss all the ways Kundalini Yoga can transform your life. However, here are some simple practices you can start today. There are kriyas to help you overcome almost any challenge in your life. Let’s concentrate on increasing your success today.

Gyan Mudra

Kundalini teaches us that each finger is linked to a planet. Jupiter’s finger is another name for our pointer or forefinger. Jupiter is thought to represent expansion energy in the universe. Success and expansion are often linked.

Say you are a yoga instructor and want to increase your teaching opportunities in the coming year. Gyan mudra is a good practice that can help you to expand your offering.

Start by finding a comfortable position to sit in where your spine has its natural curves and your hips have been stabilized and supported. As needed, use blankets, pillows, or chairs. The tip of the forefinger should meet the directions on the thumbs of both hands. Rest your hands back on your knees or lap.

You can make this mudra even more active by pressing the thumb and the tip of your forefinger together. Visualize your goal in the near future as you breathe deeply for five minutes. Feel the expansion of energy around you.

Sat Nam Mantra

Sat Nam is truth, the true self or true name. The syllables will be lengthened to sound like Sa-Ta Na-Ma. Think about how sharing your true self is the best way to achieve success. What are you hiding from the world? Where do you present a false image of yourself? This mantra will help you clear those blocks.

Start in a comfortable seated position. Touch your thumb repeatedly to your pinky, forefinger, and middle finger. Repeat the process with your pointer finger. Repeat the mantra out loud with each finger tap. Your forefinger will be Sa, your middle finger Ta, your ring finger Na, and your pinky finger Ma.

This practice can be quite complex, but I prefer to keep it simple. I will begin by tapping my fingers while whispering the mantra. As I continue to increase the volume, my voice becomes stronger and clearer. “Sa! Ta! Na! “Ma!” I will stay at this level for a few minutes and then slowly reduce the volume to a whisper.

Then, repeat the mantra silently for a few more rounds.

Circling your psyche Kriya to Prosperity, Fulfillment & Success

Yogi Bhajan taught this 11-minute kriya. Remember the Jupiter energy that we discussed before? You’ll be spinning the Jupiter finger while chanting “Har, Haray, and Haree.”

Kundalini is unique in that it can be used to activate your energy by circling your fingers and chanting. It’s not a yoga pose to chant and rotate your fingers. Instead, it is a technique you can use for activating your energy.

Try it, and you’ll see. Start with 60 seconds if you are new to Kundalini.

Yoga teaches that we cannot rely on anything other than direct experience. We are not asked to believe in anything. Try these three practices, then explore other resources about Kundalini, like this excellent piece of DYY, and see if they fit into your routine. Success in Kundalini and the rest of life is assured with an open heart and a clear mind.

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