Dangers of Hot Yoga Poses

If there is any pain like back pain has become persistent, it means that you need the hot yoga poses to relive the pain and help you get back on track. Pain is one of the commonest   experiences athletes. The spine for instance is quite delicate because it supports the bulk of the body frame. In this sense, there is need to find the hot yoga poses to deal with it.

Having said that, it is important that you know the dangers surrounding the hot yoga poses. Let us briefly look at some of them.

Heat stroke

The hot yoga is so called because it makes use of heat to help in healing. However, the heat could also overwhelm the body, leading to heat stroke. When you suffer from this heat stroke, it means that some of the major organs in the body like the liver, heart and the kidneys will begin to shut down. This could be fatal if not well handled. One of the reasons put forward for the occurrence of the heat stroke is the aspect of dehydration. You reckon that you will sweat a lot, which means that there is absolute loss of fluids from the body. If you do not take plenty of fluids after the yoga, then this is likely to happen.

Damage to joints and muscles

Although the hot yoga poses are not known to be vigorously done, they nevertheless cause sustained injuries to the joints and the muscles. Perhaps this could be attributed to the fact that you will be striking some unusual poses which may strain the joints or the muscles. In particular, you will most likely experience this problem if you are a beginner hence not doing the hot yoga poses correctly. In such a situation, you will need to find an experienced person to help you perform the sequence yoga poses with minimal injuries.


This is bound to happen if you are carrying out the poses in hot and humid gyms. This is because infections are likely to spread through contact with the wetness around you. If you are not careful, then you will contract a serious infection in the gym. Some people share personal effects like towels after the hot yoga poses. This is wrong and you are advised not to share your personal effects with any other person taking part in the yoga.

Little research

Not much has been done in terms of research to establish the extent of the dangers and safety of the hot yoga. With this hindsight, you are advised to be careful to ensure that you don’t go into the grey areas of the yoga where nit much has been done in terms of research.

State of health

Not all people will respond exactly the same way to the hot yoga. If for instance you are susceptible to some conditions like blood pressure and allergy, you need to be careful and seek assistance where necessary. This is because some of the can become serious.

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