Power Yoga: 33 Signs that You Are Into It

Let’s face it: Power yoga is something that our culture has delved into quite happily.

You can slow down the world by moving your a$$, or you can turn up the volume outside to calm your mind. Or you can heat the room and sweat on a rubber floor to eliminate all emotional toxins.

We love to rush around, sweat, and work hard as Power Yogis. We are moved by loud music, deep bass lines, and inspirational speeches during long Plank Holds.

How can you tell if you’re a Power Yogi by nature or not? Here are 33 different ways.

1. You can add 60 seconds to your cycling class after the class. Then, you might consider adding another 60 seconds of crunches.

2. Push-ups are done (or wanted) between chaturangas.

4. …and “Push Up” is a pose in yoga.

5. Astavakrasana can be described as a form of Push-Up to You.

6. You can use your block to up-modify, not down-modify. For example, you could stand on it in Awkward Pose. Or squeeze between your knees or feet in Bridge Pose.

7. You are not scared by the words “pistol-squat.” They are enticing.

8. You want to get home as early as possible on Friday because you know that the class on Saturday morning will include 50 yoga squats.

9. If you do not feel sweat running down your forehead as you practice, you aren’t done.

10. To feel like you are doing yoga, you need to use a mat or towel that is non-slip.

11. You know the stickiness/slipperiness difference between polyurethane, neoprene, rubber, jute, foam, and fabric mats.

12. Before entering the hot room, you should count how many ounces you have consumed of water.

13. It is important to know how much coconut water to drink before and after classes to keep hydrated.

15. Eat extra protein so you can practice two times a day.

16. The Tree Pose can be applied to anything in your life. You can do anything: filing, answering the telephone, washing dishes, shopping for groceries, making tea, or driving.

17. Long holds are not as inspiring as tricky transitions.

18. You talk about tricky transitions at dinner, over coffee, in a movie, and even at work.

19. If you were able to watch Full Lotus movies with your feet behind the ears, your arms under your knees, and your back behind you, you would.

20. Every movie has you doing this — or pushing-ups with full splits.

21. You can judge the music by how it makes you feel when you do Sun Salutes.

22. You are moving a mile per minute without any intention of slowing down.

23. You can say “Surya Namaskar A,” which means “Let’s rock .”

24. Listen to the inspirational music you Shazam in class in your car or your kitchen.

26. Your towel cabinet will be filled with Yogi Toes.

27. Your bathroom will smell like a sweaty lodge after class.

28. You smell like a sweat lodge.

29. You like the way you smell.

30. Goddess Pose is all about tight buns.

31. The title, “Tight Buns,” is about morning buns.

32. Morning Buns means that you can return to class and perform more Goddess Pose.

33. While holding Crow Pose, you want to repeat this list.

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