Relax your back with these easy back stretches

Our backs hold so much tension, especially this time of year, between travel, shopping, winter sports, and holiday stress. Yoga is extremely kind to our backs and helps us strengthen and lengthen the muscles in our back and hips.

Sometimes, tight hip flexors and outer hips can cause the back to become tighter. These stretches can help relieve any tension and make you feel better throughout the winter.

Use these back stretches as a series to release tension.

P.S. These are great to do in front of a fireplace after a day of skiing.

Extended Child Pose

Sit back on your heels, stretch your arms out, and relax your forehead. As you breathe deeply, feel your lower back, hips, and waist stretch out.

Continue to breathe in for 8-10 minutes until you feel connected and calm.

Cat/Cow Pose

On your hands and your knees, do a few Cat/Cow stretching exercises. Arc your back and round it. Open your spine by linking your breath with the movement.

Continue to play as long as you feel comfortable.

Pigeon Pose

Bring your right leg forward and bring your left foot to the left side of your hand. Lower your back leg to the floor and lower your forearms. Hold Pigeon for eight to ten breaths.

You can also prop up your right buttocks if you are very tight. You can also lower the forehead to the ground or a pillow.

After five breaths, change sides.

Star Pose

Bring your feet together, and bend your legs into a kite-shaped shape.

Tarasana is a more restorative pose than Baddha konasana. This is because the inner thighs don’t get as stretched. You can also round your torso, resting your head, neck, and shoulders while you breathe in the lower back, outer legs, and groin.

Keep breathing here for 8-10 minutes. If you prefer a more relaxing experience, place a block beneath your forehead.

Reclined Goddess

You can do this by lying on your back with your knees and feet apart. Then, you can get into the Reclined Goddess Pose. To find the most comfortable position, you may want to move your heels closer to your groin. If you like, you can prop up your upper outer thighs using pillows or blocks.

Watch your breath as you lie in the Reclined Goddess. Place your hands on your abdomen and watch as it rises and falls.


Finish with Savasana. When you are in the final relaxation position, place a towel, blanket, or bolster under your knees if you feel any tension.

You can also place a folded blanket under your mid-back.

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