The top 5 yoga poses every woman should know

Your yoga practice can be an incredible support system in your life, helping you to find strength, courage, wisdom, and release. There really is a yoga pose for every situation and emotion that you find yourself in.

Yoga can be incorporated into your life without a daily practice. You can do the following poses on your own when you feel the need for their benefits. Let your practice become the place you go to for strength, relaxation, and energy.

These are the top 5 yoga poses that every woman should know.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior II),

This is the ultimate position in which you can call on your inner goddess. Stand rooted in your inner strength, power, and wisdom.

If you’re ever feeling down or uncertain about your abilities, take a few deep breaths and do the Warrior II pose. You will connect with that part of yourself that is stronger, braver, or wiser than what you realize.

As you remain firm in your truth, feel warrior-like energy in every cell in your body. This powerful pose will not only connect you to your inner goddess warrior but also tone your arms and legs.

Utkata konasana

The word kata is a powerful and fierce expression that describes this pose. This pose can help you release frustrations and find strength, or it can help you get an energy boost for your body, mind, and heart.

If you want to release stress, tension, and frustration, or if you need a little extra road on in your life, combine a Kali breathing — inhale deeply, then exhale by sticking out the tongue as far as possible, making a loud ha You can even clench your fists to add extra impact!

This pose not only gives you a powerful energy boost but also tones and strengthens your quads, inner legs, and core.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

We women are natural nurturers. We give a lot, and especially our hearts. We can provide so much that we don’t have much left. Or, life events may leave us feeling sad and hurt.

We can open our hearts and be open to love and support from those around us. This will help us reconnect with the loving, giving side of ourselves as smiling automatically improves your mood when you are feeling down; opening your heart when you least feel like it will also make your heart more bright, warm, and receptive. This will help you prevent closing off and shutting out from your beautiful, big heart.

This pose not only helps you feel love but also strengthens and improves the flexibility of your back and tones the abdomen.


Women tend to multitask, to always be in motion, and to try to please everyone. It can lead to an overactive mind and a feeling of being backward.

This is an excellent pose to reset your mind and find a place of balance, stillness, and calm. As you pause and plant your roots in the earth and reconnect to yourself, your body, energy, breath, and heart, the mind will calm down. As you take a deep breath, invite balance into all areas of your life.

This pose not only restores your balance but also strengthens the knees and feet, improving stability.

Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Goddess Pose)

This is a beautiful place to spend time with yourself to heal, nurture, and restore.

As the name implies, you can recline and pamper yourself in this place.

Close your eyes and melt into a place of surrender. Allow your goddess to nourish, rest, relax, be cared for, supported, reinspired, and recharged.

This pose is not only deeply healing, but it also stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees. It can also help with mild stress and menstrual symptoms.

Let’s spread the love and share your stories about these poses or other ones that have helped you in times of real need. Please leave a comment below.

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