Seven popular yoga wear brands that teachers love

What should you wear when you practice yoga? The simple answer is anything comfortable! But not all yoga wear is truly created equal. You want something breathable enough to keep you dry but durable enough to prevent holes from appearing in awkward places—not to mention cute sufficient to make you feel extra confident on the mat!

Yoga teachers who teach high-intensity yoga classes are picky when it comes to their favorite brands. Check out these brands if you want to find the best yoga clothing on the market.

Adidas Warp Knit Line

Adidas is one of the brands that come to mind when you think about “workout clothing.” Adidas is known for its shoes and tracksuits, especially for men. But they also have a wide selection of yoga clothing and accessories. Adriene Mishler, from Yoga with Adriene, loves their warp knit tights. They are not only moisture-wicking but also seamless, preventing chafing.

ALO Yoga

Alo Yoga is a favorite of Instagram’s yogis, and for good reason. Alo Yoga is known for its studio-to-street styles. They are functional and comfortable but stylish enough to wear anywhere. Do not be fooled just because these clothes look cute. Their yoga wear is truly high-performance, compressing and sculpting the body in order to help you push your practice a bit further. Alo Yoga has everything you need to look like a pro.


Manduka was founded twenty years ago by architect Peter Stereos, who created a line of yoga gear in honor of his mentor, Shando Ramete. Ramete loved the frog or Mandukasana pose. This is why their equipment has a red frog as a logo. Manduka’s mats and accessories are made to last for as long as they can to minimize environmental waste. Their yoga wear is made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and plant-based materials.

Body Angel Activewear

Body Angel Activewear draws inspiration from all over the globe. Body Angel Activewear has some of the most striking yoga clothes available. They have prints that are inspired by Colombian Carnival celebrations, Indonesian Batik, and hippy-tye dye. Laura Kazperzak, a well-known yoga teacher, and her daughter have even designed their matching mommy-daughter outfits.


PrAna has been a leader in eco-friendly activewear for many years. Their clothes are all made of recycled polyester, organic cotton, or recycled wool. Even materials that customers can’t see are made from sustainable materials. PrAna uses responsible forest products in all aspects of its business, from its packaging to its office printer paper. PrAna offers yoga clothing that promotes fair labor and protects the environment.


Onzie’s clothes are incredibly comfortable. Check out the gypsy pants and high-slit Pura Vida collection. Onzie also offers a variety of form-fitting, cute options. Onzie’s yoga clothing is designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. This is thanks to the Free-Flow fabric technology. From start to finish, Onzie’s products are made in the United States with materials sourced from American suppliers.


Athleta, another yoga clothing brand, emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendliness. They have a unique way of going green. They use recycled and organic fabric, but they also invented a DryDye technique that allows them to save an average of 4.5 gallons of water per garment. Recycled Featherweight Stretch Fabrics also dry so quickly that you don’t need to use the dryer. This saves energy.

Are you not finding your favorite brand on the list? Tell us in a comment which yoga clothing brands you like!

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