Take Your 300-Hour Teacher Training and Enjoy These 5 Benefits

With the thousands of 200-hour teacher trainees out there, you can absolutely set yourself apart by developing your skills further with a 300-hour yoga teacher training.

Some of us choose to do a 300-hour Teacher Training because we are passionate about yoga or to advance our studies on a particular yoga topic, such as therapeutic yoga.

Here are five reasons to take your 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training and become a Registered 500-hour Yoga Teacher.

Improved and Varying Teaching Skills

I was like a sponge when I completed the 200-hour Teacher Training. Everything was new to me, and I took it in, including teaching methods. I admired my teachers. I thought they were incredible (and they really were), so I tried to emulate them.

In my 300-hour course, I have learned many new teaching techniques from different teachers. This is a great benefit to my students, as each class is meant for them.

Beefed-Up Anatomy Knowledge

My degrees are in science, so I enjoy learning about the anatomy of poses. Your 200-hour Training and the amount of anatomy you have studied will not matter as much as your 300-hour Training.

You will gain a great deal of teaching experience as you complete your 300-hour course. You want to learn more about anatomy by asking your teacher questions or gaining experience.

Understanding more yoga modalities

A 200-hour yoga teacher training will usually focus on one type of yoga, like Vinyasa. You may learn more about yoga modalities in a 300-hour training, such as Yin, Kids, or Kundalini.

When your family and friends ask you about yoga, you can suggest a variety of classes.

You’re living more yogically.

You may have studied Ayurveda in depth during your 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training and discussed eating whole foods a lot. If you have never meditated before, you may be inspired to do so.

Why not study the Eight Limbs of Yoga? Were you inspired to practice the yamas & niyamas every day?

Yoga background to support the management or ownership of a studio

You will stand out if you have an RYT500 if you supervise direct reports, mentor other yoga teachers, or are the face of a yoga studio. Many ERYT200 and RYT200 teachers can do these jobs as well.

Some 300-hour programs include a Business of Yoga section in their teachings and syllabus.

What have you gained by becoming a RYT500? Are you a 200-hour trained teacher and are thinking of taking your 300-hour training soon? What do you most look forward to? Please share your thoughts with us!

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