Why You Should Try Aqua Yoga

Yoga classes are held in many different places these days. Sometimes, they can even be far from a mat. Yoga classes are held in many areas, including breweries and wineries, museums and malls, parks, courtyards, and airports.

These locations have become more accessible in recent years, allowing those who don’t feel comfortable in a studio to practice yoga in an environment that is familiar to them — one where their practice will flourish.

The pool is another location where yoga classes are becoming increasingly popular. That’s right! Aqua Yoga is gaining popularity as more and more people ditch their mats and head to the pool. Here are five reasons to start practicing asana in the pool.

Water is a great support.

The water provides buoyancy so that those balance poses become easier. With the new confidence, everyone can try Warrior III and Tree Pose.

This can be a very therapeutic and relaxing experience.

You will start to feel lighter as the water supports your body. This reduces the strain on joints and muscles.

You can still find props at your fingertips.

The pool noodle is here! This lifesaver is a great way to add stability and make classes more enjoyable. Use the noodle for balancing poses to help you get into a dancer pose, or create a fun moment by using it as a sword during Warrior II.

You can improve your flexibility by challenging yourself.

Aqua Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can increase flexibility and awareness of your breath. Aqua Yoga allows you to hold postures for a longer time while maintaining your focus on the breath.

Savasana has never been sweeter.

Savasana is the moment in yoga that all yogis (if not most) look forward to. Savasana is a great reason to try Aqua Yoga, but I wouldn’t blame you if that were the only thing you wanted.

You will almost feel like you are floating in the air when you use a pool noodle to support you. You’ll be surprised to find that as you close your eyelids and focus on stillness, your body will have floated into another area of the pool. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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