Yoga: 6 Reasons Not to Go

Yoga is everywhere right now. You can hardly go a day without hearing it mentioned in some way. In response to that, maybe you have listed the many reasons why you can’t possibly try it or why it’s not for you. Or perhaps you started a practice, fell in love, and then fell out of it again?

Here are the six most common reasons that yoga teachers give for not going to class… and why you should really give it a try.

I’m not flexible enough.

It’s the most common excuse I hear, but I’ll tell you a secret…you do not need to be flexible in order to practice yoga. Seriously!

Yoga will help you become more flexible.

Yoga is so much more. Yoga is about balance, strength, learning to relax and let go, and peace of mind. Yoga is a union of the body, mind, and heart. No matter how flexible you may be, you can still practice yoga and feel amazing (and even more flexible!) After it.

Yoga is all about flexibility of the mind. It would be best if you were flexible enough to take on new challenges, let go of your ego or self-limiting beliefs, and give it a shot. How can you become more flexible without doing something?

I don’t have time

When you have no time for yoga, you need it the most!

The modern world is a fast-paced, dramatic world. We are constantly being pulled in many directions. I can assure you that taking an hour out of the day, or even a week, to do yoga will benefit you more than running around madly for another hour!

You will be able to return to your daily life with new perspectives and new ideas after taking a break from the chaos. After this break, you will be more productive, coming from a calm, relaxed, and centered place, rather than being stressed and overloaded.

It’s for Chicks/Old People/Hippies

Yoga was once perceived as a form of exercise that older people did in order to stay fit after being “unable” to perform any other type of exercise. Yoga was once the domain of women and more unconventional people.

In the past ten years, yoga has become a favorite among celebrities, athletes, and professionals. Men, teenagers, and even teens are fans.

Why would you judge someone who doesn’t even know them? Yoga doesn’t ask you to do anything but come as you are. Yoga is not just for women, even if there is often incense and a lot of them in the class. It’s for everyone.

You’re sure to find something that you like among the many different styles of teaching and teachers.

I Prefer to do “Proper” Exercise

Yoga and gym workouts are both good for you.

Yoga isn’t dynamic enough, I hear people say. I challenge anyone who goes to a Vinyasa or Ashtanga class, Jivamukti, not to feel that it is a “proper workout.” Yoga builds muscle strength, stability, and stamina. But the real beauty of yoga is its extra benefits.

Yoga is proven to increase flexibility, improve joint health, regulate adrenal glands, and maintain the nervous system. Yoga has been shown to calm the mind and reduce stress. It also brings peace and clarity to those who are “more serious” and need to slow down.

I’ve never done it before; I’ll be the worst in my class

Hide at the back of the class for the first few sessions! It’s important to hide at the back of the class for the first few classes to avoid feeling paranoid and to learn how to follow along.

Each person had to start somewhere, and they all returned so that it couldn’t have really been that bad. Yoga is not competitive, so there’s no need to reach a certain level. Even teachers are still learning and improving their practice. It doesn’t really matter if you are able to touch your toes the first time or even the first year. It’s important that you tried and showed up.

You should also know that yoga is an individual practice. No one is interested in what you do, as they are too focused on their training to care. After a few yoga classes, you will quickly feel more comfortable with the terminology and positions.

I’m too old/large

Yoga is absolutely for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, big or small, flexible or not. You need to find a teacher and style that works for you. Yoga is a beautiful practice because nearly all poses can be modified and adapted to suit your ability. A good teacher will always encourage you to go at your own pace.

Yoga isn’t represented by a skinny young girl in a bikini doing a handstand. Yoga has many benefits that everyone can enjoy. Yoga can help you achieve increased flexibility, strength, self-confidence, joint mobility, and calmness.

You’re done — no excuses. It’s up to you. Find your local yoga class, take a deep breath, and let go of your excuses and fears.

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