5 Yin Yoga Poses For Insomniacs

Whether you are having trouble sleeping or want a juicy reward at the end of a long day, use a quiet and blissful Yin Yoga practice to help lull you closer to a deep and delicious night’s sleep.

Yin Yoga is about letting things go that don’t serve you. Use the practice of falling in Yin Holds to help you release tension. It will slowly melt away.

Holding one posture for 8-10 minutes is possible, but you can also spend 5 minutes on each posture as you go through the five. Take large, cleansing, deep breaths before each pose. With each exhale, try to let go of all the stress from the day and then surrender your muscles to gravity.

If you have loved ones or friends who ask for yoga poses that will help them sleep better, then share these five yoga positions with them.

Child Pose

Simple, yet effective. The child’s Pose calms and turns inward. This pose also allows us to shut out the world. Nothing is better after a stressful day than turning inward to focus on yourself and your needs.

Traditionally, a Yin variation of Child’s Pose involves holding the knees together with your arms at your sides. Rest your forehead on a block or the floor, drape your torso on a bolster, and let yourself drift into a deep sleep with one cheek resting on the mat.

Butterfly in Reclined Position

It is a great way to relax because it calms the mind, opens up the chest and lungs, and allows more oxygen into the brain and all organs. This helps to relax the muscles, which will help you get closer to your dream.

Lay on your back and place a large cushion between your tailbone and your neck. Place a block beneath your head, and bend your legs so that your feet are touching.

Reclined Twist

Yoga twists have a detoxifying effect. They literally drain us! A mental detox can help you process your day and fall asleep more easily.

Laying on your back, bend your knees and let them fall to one side. Let your gaze follow your arms. Use a block under your knees to provide extra support. Then, close your eyes as you sink into the hold. Switch sides when you feel balanced.

Cat Tail Pose

This little pose is a Yin yogi favorite for softening and relaxing. After just one minute, most students begin to fall asleep. The reclined butterfly has both the opening of the chest and the mind-detoxing effect of the reclined turn.

Roll onto your right side, nestling your head on your right elbow. Your left knee should be bent so that it rests on a bolster directly in front of you. The right leg is bent backward in a running man position. Circulate the left arm back and forth until the shoulder opens and the arm is behind you.

You will now let your head roll off of your arm and onto the ground or a pillow. This will deepen the twist and open up the chest. Use as many pillows and props to keep you as comfortable as possible. This hand can now rest on your floor, another bolster, or catch the back foot of yours (Cat’s tail).

Roll onto your stomach and rest a few moments before setting up.

Legs up the Wall

This shape is well-known and loved by all. It’s supportive, relaxing, and relieving. You can elevate your hips by placing a bolster underneath your lower back. Try placing a sandbag under your feet for deeper hip massaging.

Try sitting with your legs parallel to the wall if you have trouble getting into the pose. Brace your hands, and then climb your leg up the wall while spinning your hips in place.

Try to let go compassionately of any persistent thoughts or feelings that arise as you fold and unfold. Try to observe what occurs and not attach yourself to any thoughts, stressors, or memories.

Let your body drift into deep sleep, free from the stress of your day, free of the thoughts that keep you awake and nagging, and free from worrying about what is yet to come. Yogis, sleep tight!

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