Countries to Visit as a Yoga Volunteer

A lot of yogis have this natural desire to travel to seek and understand the unknown and also to give back to the world we live in.

Volunteer yoga teaching can satisfy this yogi duo’s desire to explore and give back. If you’re looking to combine travel and yoga teaching, here are five countries that you can visit.


Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, located between India and China. Mount Everest is located in Nepal and offers beautiful views and hiking opportunities. There are many ancient temples scattered throughout the country, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Temple of Changu-Narayan in Bhaktapur and other historic temples.

Nepal is rich in spirituality, as it was the home of Siddharta Gautama, also known as Buddha. Immerse yourself in Nepal’s culture, landscape, and history to connect with your mind, body and spirit.

Who is it?

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is a local non-profit volunteer organization. VIN uses local and international volunteers in order to accomplish its mission: “to empower the marginalized communities by enhancing education… with a special focus on children and women.”

VIN is looking for yoga instructors to volunteer at one of its partner Buddhist monasteries or orphanages located in Kathmandu Valley or Jitpur Phedi.


The birthplace of Yoga! India offers many opportunities for Yoga and meditation. The teachings of Buddhism that Buddha taught spread to India despite his birth in Nepal. The presence of Buddha statues, Buddhist temples, and monasteries in India contributes to the culture and practice of Yoga and meditation.

Who is it?

One Love Movement uses Yoga to help underprivileged youth all over the world. The One Love Movement has launched a volunteer program in partnership with Leave UR Mark.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located just north of the Equator, has a tropical climate that is pleasant all year long. It also features beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls. Costa Rica has made great efforts to preserve its landscape and the diverse wildlife it contains, including turtles, sloths, and monkeys.

Who is it?

The Yoga Farm is located in Las Delicias, Puntarenas Province.


Kenya is located in East Africa. Kenya is a country in East Africa. Because Yoga is not practiced traditionally (unlike countries in Southeast Asia), there are many opportunities to learn and spread the practice. Kenya is famous for its safaris and national parks. It also has access to Lake Victoria.

Who is it?

The Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi hosts an ambassador program to encourage yogis to become “warriors of change.” The Ambassadors help The Africa Yoga Project achieve its mission of “delivering global well-being in Africa.”


Cambodia is a tiny country in Southeast Asia, with beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. The Cambodian countryside and miles of farmland surround the Mekong Delta and the mountains of Thailand.

Who is it?

The yoga instructors volunteer with the Cambodian Children’s Fund to teach children Yoga in Cambodia’s largest and capital city, Phnom Penh.

Your perspective changes when you change your environment. Outsider yogis can travel abroad to learn more about how Yoga is practiced in practice and share their understanding of of Yoga. What are you still waiting for?

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