Exercises for group workout classes

Group training is a great way to increase your fitness while building community. It’s a popular form of exercise, and nearly every gym offers it in some form. When you’re first learning about group programming, it can be not easy to choose the right mix of exercises. Nobody wants to miss out on a muscle group.

ABC Glofox is dedicated to helping trainers and gyms provide group training without any operational headaches. We’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way. We also love to share what we know. Let’s look at strategies to build community around group fitness classes and learn the exercises you need to lead your own. In no time, you’ll be confidently teaching in front of the course.

How can I create a community around group fitness classes?

Group Fitness Classes Bring people together to take part in a fitness challenge. There are several things you can do as a trainer to help build community and get everyone moving. We’ll explore how to strengthen the sense of community that you create in your group exercise classes.

Focus your programming

You can tailor your program to meet the needs of participants if you have a focus. Make a program to fit a specific condition rather than trying to appeal to everyone. This could be an issue of intensity, accessibility, or a particular type of training.

You’re trying to differentiate between people who are interested in building up their chests and shoulders and those who want an hour spent doing lunges. Think broader. Step classes, Zumba and dance classes, spin classes, and boot camps are all great options. It is important to know what your community wants.

Play with the class system

The way you combine exercises is important. Avoid plateaus by experimenting with the structure of your class. Do not hesitate to play around. You can arrange the same activities in endless ways to create new fitness experiences each week. If you’re unsure, invite experienced participants to demonstrate moves with you.

Stay connected after class

It is important to be available online or after the class. This gives participants the chance to discuss the course with each other. It’s a great opportunity to provide guidance and mentorship, which can also improve group classes. A strong teacher-student relationship can improve performance and experience. So, every check-in after class is an investment. It’s also nice.

Be friendly and supportive

The ultimate tool for a trainer is a good attitude, which comes down to friendliness. Your clients will enjoy your classes if you use this approach. Before class, chat with people, get to know their names, and learn a bit about them outside of class. You’ll be remembered for the personal touch that you bring as a trainer and more likely to return.

Make sure everyone has a safe space

All of us have different stories and needs. You never know what someone’s account is or where they come from, so it is important to put everyone’s safety first. Safety involves a dimension called managing intensity. Everyone should be able to move their body and get their heart rate going, regardless of fitness level.

Class management is also part of safety. This also includes challenging any attendees who are disrupting others’ experience. After class, if an attendee is making someone uncomfortable, you can take them aside and tell them they are on thin ice. You can also let them know what they should do to be able to participate. You’re the one who’s in charge. It’s not always easy to speak up, but it’s your job. You can do it.

Three programming ideas for group workouts

It is essential to bring structure and programming into your group training sessions. You can ensure that your group training sessions are comfortable, balanced, and effective by planning. The best group exercise classes combine several moves to create a greater impact. Explore some of the most popular options.

Density Workouts

Density workouts combine many different types of exercises. Density workouts balance cardio with strength training and calisthenics. It’s all about repetition and following a set pattern. You can maximize each exercise’s effects by circularly moving through the machines.

Metabolic Conditioning

How you manage and release energy is often what determines how powerful a group workout class will be. Metabolic Conditioning is similar to high-intensity interval training but focuses on energy transformation and consistency rather than pushing the body to its limit. The goal of metabolic Conditioning is to increase the amount of energy that your body can release and store. This type of exercise focuses on maintaining a consistent output over a longer period at a moderate level.

Metabolic Conditioning

Strength can affect everything, from what a person can do to when they age. Strength training is a trend that has gained popularity among athletes of all fitness levels and ages. Strength training is a way to build and strengthen muscles around the body.

Exercise ideas for group fitness classes

These simple ideas for group training will ensure that everyone has a great time while working with all of the major muscle groups.

You will be on all fours, your hands just above your shoulders. Then, you will lower your body to a 90-degree angle and then come back up.


Stand tall and straight, touch your fingertips on the ground, and walk your hands until you reach the plank. Then reverse your steps to get back to standing.

Bird dog

While balancing on all fours and with your toes tucked in, lift opposite hands and feet while remaining on two limbs. Please bring them back to the rest position and repeat with the other side.

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