How to build a sequence around Wheel Pose

Do you love Wheel Pose as much as we do? If so, then you’re always looking for fun, new ways to get into the pose.

Always warm up before you attempt deep backbends. This can be achieved by doing a few rounds of Sphinx Pose and Cobra Pose. This sequence is best done at the end of your yoga practice to prepare you for Wheel Pose.

If you have mastered the first sequence and are looking for a new challenge, then try this method of building a sequence based on Wheel Pose.

The Second Sequence around Wheel Pose

Start by threading the needle for five breaths on each side. This will stretch your shoulders out and gently twist your spine.

Then, in the wide-knee Child’s Pose, place your hands behind your head and push your elbows into the mat. Slowly walk your elbows in front and push your chest down. Hold this variation for as long as you can. It will open your shoulders.

Take five rounds of Cat/Cow to prepare your spine. Each round should be deeper than the previous.

In Cat Pose, bring your knees to your nose one at a time and hold it for five breaths. Squeeze your stomach in and round your back to ignite the core. Be sure to press the floor with your hands.

You can also rock back and forth to warm your shoulders and open your wrists. Land in Downward Facing Dog while keeping one leg up in the air.

You can also call this “Scorpion Dog,” “Stacked one-Legged Dog,” or “Flex your raised foot.” This should be done on both sides.

 Step both feet forward for Chair Pose and hold for three breaths, sitting deeper with every exhale and pulling your abdomen in.

Stretch out your spine and legs with a Standing Forward Fold and Backbend to Rag Doll.

 Come to kneeling for a gentle Half Camel Pose with one hand on your heel and the other extending up to the sky and then back. Keep your hips pushing forward and chest pressing up. Switch sides.

As you return to the seated position, twist your hands to the left and then to the right, keeping them at the center of the heart. Move forward on Plank. Tuck your feet and keep moving.

Take five deep breaths and then repeat Stacked One Leg Dog.

Begin to “flip” your dog by letting that lifted leg weigh you to the other side. As you lift your hips, keep both knees flexed and both feet firmly planted on the mat. Drop your head and let your arm fall towards your ear.

One day, you may reach down to tap the mat and push the Full Wheel… Hold for five deep breaths.

Take one Vinyasa to Child’s Pose and lengthen your back before you take a final Thread The Needle Pose.

There you have it! A (slightly) more challenging way to sequence with Wheel Pose as your peak pose. Try it out for yourself, and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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