Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

Say it as it sounds, involve your whole mouth, and it displays a bit naughty. People often talk about Kundalini being sexual energy, but it’s actually not. Because of this and similar Kundalini yoga¬†connotations, some people take a sharp intake of breath and exclaim, “it’s dangerous; steer well clear.”

They don’t realize that Kundalini energy is something that we all possess. All of us. You can easily and quickly access massive reserves of energy, but you are not aware. This is the fuel for your dreams and goals.

You have an infinite potential. I was told that as a kid, and I felt it in my bones. I still remember this feeling. But as adults, with layers of cynicism known and unknown, we’ve forgotten to give our gifts, which the world desperately needs.

Self-Care in Modern Life

We spend most of our time on a treadmill, putting ourselves through mundane tasks and consuming all kinds of entertainment. Modern life is full of pleasures. But if you go too fast or for too long, it can make us feel like we are losing our minds.

What do we lose? What are we losing? What could be worse?

It is vital to our health that we take regular breaks for reflection and self-care. Kundalini is a deeply healing energy. Kundalini yoga taps into the Kundalini power within us to promote robust health.

People either fear Kundalini Rising or aspire towards it, but to have a complete Kundalini Rising Experience requires a level of purity that we Westerners find difficult to attain. It is because first, we need to let go of the hurts and problems we’ve attached to our identities before we can drop all sense of ourselves and merge with the universe.

Kundalini Yoga can be powerful, but it must be treated with respect.

Is it harmful? No. Kundalini Yoga works and works fast. Thank goodness, because I would have collapsed under the weight of depression years ago.

We are taught as Kundalini Yoga teachers to conduct Kundalini kriyas, which are sequences of specific movements in a very dogmatic manner. These kriyas are what direct our energy in a controlled manner. Ask any Kundalini Yoga teacher how it has saved their lives and what massive changes they have seen in their students.

Kundalini is not limited to an Indian beach. Kundalini classes are available near you.

Kundalini Yoga is a great workout because it requires us to break through our internal tension. Kundalini Yoga has a powerful effect, and you will quickly feel good about yourself. You’ll also find that the clarity and will developed in class can help you make lasting positive changes to your life.

We all must make the most out of our lives. Explore and dispel the myths and misinformation surrounding Kundalini Yoga, and allow it to transform your life.

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