Online Yoga Teacher Training: Benefits

After years of resisting making technology a big part of my yoga training business and on the verge of releasing my first online Children’s Yoga teacher training, I reflect on the benefits and harms of screen time.

I’ve never been a huge fan of technology. In fact, I won’t even let my children use it. I use it only when I have to do my job. My wife gets annoyed when she looks at her phone and not at me. She also gets upset when I check my emails during family time. We try hard not to be trapped by these modern habits because we believe in the power of love.

Screen Time and Relationship with Love

For years, my 9-year-old son has asked us to allow him to play computer games. Our answer to him is, “There’s a fascinating and beautiful world all around you. We want you to explore it and engage in it.”

I believe in nature and real connections. I also think that communication, touch, love, and play are important.

Computers and phones do not have real love. It is possible to communicate love using electronic media. However, it won’t feel the same as hugging or holding a dog.

Facebook on a smartphone offers a different sense of connectedness to actually seeing the face of someone that you love. These devices take time away from our families, our relationships, and our friendships.

Our relationships, whether with our partners, children, or friends, require nurturing and care. Our relationships require us to spend time with them if they are to grow and thrive.

I now have four children and a yoga business that is growing rapidly and demands more time. I have passions, a desire to learn, and interests. Without these things, I would not feel alive in the midst of all my life’s work.

When will I have time to focus on my goals, my development, and me?

Screen-Time Benefits

Now, I’ve realized some of the advantages of technology. It is a wonderful way to share information at a convenient time for the user.

It is impossible to find the time to study at home or when it would be convenient for my family, business, and me. I began taking online courses in different areas that interest me professionally and personally.

While everyone else is asleep! I learn online and then apply it to my work, my teaching, and my parenting. The Internet is full of magical information that can be put into practice in real life.

The Internet is not without its downsides. I remember that one of my teachers, Geshe Michael Roach, led a project for a year to upload Tibetan manuscripts saved from the Chinese invasion. This is a wonderful way to spread knowledge that would otherwise have been lost.

I spent ten years as a Hindu monk at an Ashram. I’ve also spent 22 years teaching and training yoga teachers, 15 years of which were dedicated to the training of new teachers. I have much to offer the world.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: Benefits

Online training is not a substitute for being with someone passionate and experienced about their subject matter. However, they can be a good second choice for people like myself. This is why I think that my online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a great and easy way for me to share this practice with more children, schools, and families around the globe.

Communication is an instrument of power that can either heal or destroy. Now that there are so many negative things on the Internet, I feel compelled now to fill it up with positive knowledge, fun, and joy. We’re here to improve the world, and we can have a greater impact if you use the tools of communication that the modern world offers.

What do you think about the benefits of online Yoga Teacher Training? Would you do it? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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