Prepare for the Firefly Pose with these four poses

Firefly, or Tittibhasana, is a beautiful and beneficial pose. It stretches the inner groins and back torso, tones the tummy, strengthens arms and wrists, and generally increases a sense of balance.

This is also a very challenging game. To launch into Firefly, you need to have a lot of core strength and arm strength so that your legs can be lifted parallel to the ground.

Fear not, brave yogi. Firefly is one of four “practice poses” that will help you prepare to fly into the air and incorporate it into your practice.

Prasarita Padottanasana / Wide-Legged Standing forward bend

Standing with your toes facing forward, place your feet approximately a leg apart. Inhale and place both hands on your hips. Lift your kneecaps while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Exhale and fold your torso backward at the hips with a long spine. Rest your head on a block or the floor if possible. Spread your legs wider if your head does not reach the floor.

How it works: Increases inner-thigh muscle strength and flexibility and opens shoulders.

Garland Pose (Malasana)

Start with Dandasana or the Staff pose. Bend your legs in such a way that your calves are close to your thighs and your knees are pointing upward. Lean forward and stretch your spine. Raise your pelvis. Take some deep breaths.

Why does it work? It opens your hips, groin, and core and warms the hips, pelvis, and joints.

Downward Facing Frog / Adho Mukha Mandukasana

Begin in table pose and spread your legs as far as you feel comfortable. Turn your feet toward the wall, with your ankles behind your knees. Your elbows and forearms should be on the floor. Place your palms either flat or gently pressed against each other.

Exhale and inhale while pressing your hips against the wall. Your inner thighs and hips should be stretched deeply. Release by rocking your hips backward and pressing into the table pose.

How it works: Opens and stretches the hips, inner legs, and groin.

Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)

Start with A downward-facing dog. Step your left foot to the ground and your right leg between your hands. If you are comfortable, toe-heel the right foot and bring it up to the edge of your mat. Straighten your back leg. Relax your right shoulder and place your right hand on the outside of your foot. If you find this too difficult, put your arms down on the floor.

Why does it work? It increases shoulder flexibility and opens the hips.

The Firefly pose is challenging, but it’s worth the effort. How do you prepare for Firefly Pose?

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