The Benefits of Corpse Pose

Go ahead, hit reset, and take Savasana. This is one of those postures that some of us drink up, and others of us get antsy and run straight out the door.

You probably need Savasana more than anyone else if you have a difficult time staying in the pose. Try to keep in mind some of the benefits of corpse pose.

Take a break

Savasana can be compared to a mini-vacation from movement and thoughts. Take it if it is offered. Enjoy it. How many times have you been told to do nothing?

Savasana does not mean “emptying the mind” but rather detaching for a few minutes from your million thoughts. Let your mind be full, and don’t attach yourself to one particular thought. You can still see your to-do lists when you leave the space!

Seriously, take a break!

You need a break more than anyone else if you’re like me and you don’t enjoy taking breaks.

Help Prevent Injury

The Corpse Pose improves your ability to pay attention to your body. This type of attention will help you to prevent injuries from occurring.

This will help you to know when and how much to push yourself before anyone else suggests it. It could be the difference in the depth of both your physical and emotional practice.

Adrenal Support

By easing into your daily routine, you can avoid the adrenaline rush that follows a workout. You can then be more aware of your actions after class.

Running on adrenaline can lead to burnout or depletion.

Calm your Mind

Allowing yourself to relax and soften completely after an exercise gives your nervous system time to reset. This will make you feel better for longer by soaking your body with the endorphins that you have just produced.

Body Signals

You should also have a ritual to send a message back to your body after your practice. Just as you would have a pre-practice routine or warm-up that lets your body know, “Hey we are about the practice” (unroll your mat, place your towel and block, fill your bottle with water, do a few stretches, or take a couple of breaths, or perform five sun salutes …),), you can have a ritual to send a similar message.

Savasana, a yoga pose, is a ritual.

Balance Your Systems

You can calm down your nervous system and reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other symptoms of the parasympathetic system. By letting go of the fight-or-flight mode that adrenaline can cause, you are also balancing both your digestive system and stress-coping mechanisms.

It’s not harmful to try it. The next time you are offered the opportunity to do Savasana, instead of “emptying your head,” embrace what is going through your mind without attaching or engaging with it.

Just lie down and enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquility. Relax your body. You may need to try it a few times before it becomes a part of your routine.

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