Five Yoga Poses to Do Before You Get Up from Bed

Getting out of bed in the morning is sometimes the most difficult part of the day. But with you, it can be easier!

Use these poses to make the transition from sleeping to waking easier. This will set the tone for your entire day.

These five yoga poses can be done before you leave the bed:


This first asana might not look like a classic asan, but it is actually part of Tibetan Dream Yoga, according to Lama Surya Das. This is because if all yogic practices are a journey to awakening, the moment when you awaken to a new day can have its sacred power. It also helps to develop flexibility in the conscious and the unconscious realms. It’s also really simple!

If you’re trying to fall asleep next to someone, you can either whisper the sound or imagine it. The intention is the same. Lift your head a bit, maybe onto your elbow or higher on the pillow. Inhale deeply and then exhale with the same “ahh.”. Sit up, inhale, and then exhale loudly (if you can) with an AHHHHHH.

It’s a syllable that is centered at the throat. So, while it’s relaxing, cleansing, and bringing space to your throat chakra, it also does this. It’s easy and much better than coffee!

Wind-Relieving Pose

This pose is a part of the Bikram routine. It is also recommended for anyone who has lower back problems or digestive issues. Even if these problems are not present, getting up in the morning can be beneficial in many ways.

Begin by lying backward in Savasana. Bend your right leg and grab the shin of your left foot about 2 inches below your knee. The other leg should be straight with the foot flexed. Draw your right knee toward your shoulder with your elbows pressed close to you. Be careful not to touch your rib cage. You can tuck your chin a little so you are looking down at the front of your body. Then, allow the knee towards the shoulder to move. Release the leg after three, five,e or ten deep breaths.

Repeat the same number of breaths on the other side and return to Savasana.

Now bend your legs, hugging them close to you, and finally clasping both elbows. Draw your legs to your chest and tuck in your chin. Look down through the small diamond-shaped space between your arms.

Repeat each movement as many times as you wish.

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

It’s one that I do every morning and before bedtime. This position opens up the hips and relaxes your mind. It also seems to let the worries of the day drift away. You’ll have sore hips if you fall asleep in this position.

You can even exhale with an “AH” if you do it in the morning.

Belly Twist Pose

A good twist before you get up in the morning will help your organs come alive and warm up your back. Beginners should bend their knees, roll to one side,e and look over the other shoulder. More flexible yogis may cross their legs and let them roll.

Even in the morning, the pose will still be soft enough if you are in bed. Hold the pose for the same number of breaths on both sides.


Savasana is more active than the practice at the end of a class.

Try to stay alert by keeping your heels together and your toes flopping out to the sides. Keep your arms closer than usual to your torso, with your eyes wide open, and look at the ceiling four feet in front of you. This is a chance to take ten deep breaths and observe your body. You can then carry this spaciousness with you for the rest of the day.

Finally, it’s not an asana, but a very useful practice before you get out of bed is to write down your dreams. Over time, you’ll start to get to know your unconscious mind better, and this can only bring more awareness into your waking life — or this extended dream, whichever you perceive it to be!

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