Restorative Yoga: 5 signs that you’re into it

Yogis are conservative. Yogis are wild. Let’s face it: yogis are a mixed bag of mat-toting men and women. So never judge a yogi by his pants because there’s no telling what’s beneath that sweat-proof lycra. It’s a good thing there are many types of yoga — a style for every kind of practitioner.

It’s important to note that you will have your favorites and even that they may change over time.

Do you enjoy Restorative yoga right now? Are you a fan of Restorative yoga? Here are five signs to indicate that you are.

Your Soul Seeks Peace

Do you wear peace signs? Are you into bath salts or aromatherapy?

Restorative Yoga is more focused than any other form of yoga on the recuperative process. Restorative Yoga is a great option for yogis who are clinging to calm.

You don’t mind sleeping in.

Some yogis are addicted to their alarm clock. As soon as their alarm clock goes off and the coffee is made, they’re ready to go.

Restorative yoga practitioners, however, don’t mind posing Corpses in the sheets a little longer.

Quiet is cool

Restorative Yoga is a practice that encourages slow movements and self-reflection.

Restorative yoga is a more relaxing alternative to Power yoga. This class will not include any intense arm balances!

You are alert and engaged.

Restorative Yoga is all about mindfulness, breathing into your belly, and passive stretching.

Restorative Yoga is for you if you love to engage.

You’re both detached and attached.

Restorative Yoga is a way to disconnect from our hectic lives. We offer ourselves to this practice as we melt onto our mats and make Child’s Pose the prayer. We are in touch with our bodies and do not hold anything. We are both detached and connected at the same time, completely open to everything that the universe has to offer.

You’re in luck if you’re searching for a way to reduce stress that isn’t as frantic. You can do restorative yoga right now. You must bring both your body and soul.

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