Comparison of the top healthy meal delivery services

The company also purchases 6% of ingredients from farms transitioning to organic. This means that the ingredients have been grown with organic practices but cannot be certified organic. To qualify for organic certification, the farm must have used only organic methods for at least three years.

How to test meal kits

We at Healthline know that meal-delivery services are a big investment. That’s why we tested more than 25 of today’s most popular services. The testers select a full week of meals to give them a good idea of the flavors and ingredients available.

We test for several factors, including ease of signup, variety of meals, nutritional content, freshness of ingredients, cooking time, and taste. Learn more about the testing process.

Why You Should Trust Us

Each meal delivery service in our list has undergone a review by a registered dietitian and¬†was vetted to ensure it is aligned with Healthline’s brand integrity standards. This article includes:

The United States Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration regulations on food safety and manufacture comply.

Uses a reputable shipper to transport its food products

Lists all ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts in its product packaging or on its website

Promotes a healthy well-being approach

It does not make unsupported claims about health on its website or in marketing materials.

This was helpful.

Other things to consider when choosing a healthy food delivery service

There are many factors to consider before selecting the best meal delivery service for you. These include:

Dietary preferences and needs: Find a service that caters to you, especially if your diet is strict or if you have allergies to food.

Quality of ingredients: Some customers may prefer to buy from companies that use organic products or do not include artificial sweeteners and food dyes.

Prep time: Decide whether you want to improve your cooking skills or prefer ready-made meals you can heat up in the microwave. Keep in mind, too, that many meal kits offer recipes that are quick and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Budget: To determine whether a particular service is within your budget range, you should consider the cost per serving, as well as any additional costs such as delivery fees or optional extras.

Which meal kit is healthiest?

There are many healthy meal delivery services available. Prices, selection of meals, and availability vary. Consider your preferences and needs. Use the list above to help you decide which option is right for you.

Are meal delivery kits healthy?

Meal kits are a great option to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and to enjoy more balanced, fresh meals.

Not all meal kits are the same, so make sure you look at the ingredients they use and the types of meals that they provide.

What is the best service to get healthy meals delivered for weight loss?

Some of the meal delivery services mentioned above can be incorporated into a healthy diet.

The Bottom Line

Choose a service that emphasizes the quality of ingredients, nutrition, and variety of meals. It would be best if you also considered other factors, such as the preparation time and your preferences or dietary requirements.

You can find the right service for you by using our comprehensive list.

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