Do I need to be a RYT-200 to teach yoga?

You’re thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, and you’ve heard that the RYT 200 is the gold standard for teaching. Is this a hard and fast rule for teaching yoga, or are there other options? Do you really need to be an RYT 200 to teach yoga in today’s world?

As you plan to become a yoga instructor, there are many factors to take into consideration.

What is the RYT200?

RYT is an acronym for Registered Yoga Teacher, and the RYT200 is one of the designations that Yoga Alliance offers, one of the leading yoga professional agencies. The RYT 200 requirements are based on hours and content. The RYT200 yoga teacher training program must include 20 hours of anatomy training.

Students must complete the approved RYT200 training before they can register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200. Studios submit their YTT curriculum to Yoga Alliance for approval. The initial registration fee for becoming an RYT200 is $105, and there is a $50 renewal fee each year.

Tip: Visit Yoga Alliance’s website and review the RYT200 credentialing requirements.

Does a RYT 200 teacher have to be a RYT?

When deciding whether or not you should become a RYT200, you will need to take into account where you plan to teach. The location of your teaching is important.

Certain studios and gyms insist that their instructors have completed an RYT-200 program and are registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT200. If you plan to teach at home or in a studio that does not require RYT status, the designation will be less important.

It’s best to choose a RYT200-approved training program if you don’t know where you will teach. You’ll still have options even if you decide not to register with Yoga Alliance.

Tip: Ask local yoga studios and gyms about their requirements. Also, speak with local yoga teachers to find out if they have any teaching positions available and if they need to be RYT-200 certified.

Responsibilities to your Students

Yoga is a popular choice for many students, not only because of their physical and emotional health but also because they face challenges. Yoga teachers have a responsibility to their students.

It’s not a guarantee of quality, but being RYT-200-approved is a good start. There may be teacher training programs that are not RYT-200-approved but are still of high quality.

The students would have to research carefully these programs in order to ensure that the curriculum is sound. You must select a yoga teacher training program that is suitable for your future. But it’s equally important to future students, who will put their trust in your abilities as a teacher.

What are your long-term goals?

Yoga Alliance offers two other certifications: E-RYT (experienced Yoga Teacher) and RYT (Students who have earned this designation have completed 500 training hours). Some schools provide their 1000-hour programs.

Plan to open your studio one day? You may want to consider teaching in a yoga teacher training program. You might consider building on the RYT200. If you’re not sure, it is best to keep all your options open.

Tip: Spend a few minutes meditating or journaling about your future as a teacher of yoga. Imagine yourself one year from now, five years later, and in ten years. Where do you envision yourself?

My Experience

Before Yoga Alliance existed, one of my favorite teachers studied with a single teacher for many years. It’s important to keep in mind that completing a RYT 200 course and registering for RYT 200 certification are not prerequisites for becoming a great teacher. In our modern world, it is wise to have an RYT200 under your belt.

Recently, I graduated from a RYT-200-approved yoga teacher training course. Since then, however, I haven’t registered with Yoga Alliance, as the registration fee of $105 was too expensive for me. It’s not mandatory where I teach. I also have teacher’s liability insurance through a different agency. I have completed the RYT-200 program and have the skills and knowledge that go with it. There’s no need for me to join Yoga Alliance at this time.

It is nice to know that I can register for RYT-200 in the future if I need it. This yogi offers advice on how to choose a yoga teacher training program. Research multiple programs, talk to graduates, and, unless you have a compelling reason not to, select an RYT-200-approved program.

Share your thoughts with fellow yogis. Did you attend a YTT that was approved as RYT200? You are registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.

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