Five Lifestyle YouTube Accounts That You Must Check

As much as I love tuning into a good yoga channel, even the most hardcore yogis like exploring their other interests. What are some of your non-yoga hobbies? Perhaps you’re into healthy cooking, homemade beauty products, travel, or essential oils.

There are many YouTube accounts where you can access tips, tricks, and secrets to some of your favorite hobbies. Check out these five lifestyle YouTube accounts.

Holistic Habits

There are many ways to take care of yourself, whether it’s a honey mask or recipes like maca shakes, sauerkraut, and salads with probiotics. Sarah Nagel’s YouTube channel, Holistic Habits, offers a variety of health tips.

Her videos aim to promote physical and mental well-being, ranging from exercises to combat anxiety. She has an account where she sells crystals and handmade jewelry. Her organic spa essentials are my favorite!

Deliciously Ella

Ella has changed the perception of healthy eating through her delicious recipes, which are also plant-based and free from gluten. You’ll love Ella’s sweet potato brownies and chocolate peanut butter pie if you want to avoid refined white sugar.

Her YouTube channel, Deliciously Ela, is a good resource for anyone looking to adopt a veggie-rich diet.

Hey Nadine

Hey, Nadine will inspire you with her travel tips from around the world. Her videos are entertaining and inspiring, so they’re perfect for anyone planning a vacation or just needing a break.

The content is unique and includes videos on how to pack for winter, make friends abroad, and eat vegan food in Germany.

Sarah’s Day

Sarah’s Day has become one of my favorite YouTube channels when it comes to natural healing, fitness, and beauty. Her videos offer a variety of insights, including how to reduce stress, what to eat while on vacation, and where to find great deals on activewear. She’s got a brand new video on making friends at festivals!

Sarah is a real person. Her endearing, whimsical videos will encourage you to explore and exercise while still enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Kristen Sarah

Explore Kristen Sarah’s travel channel. She is the owner of Hop Scotch the Globe. Her videos are funny, inspirational, and full of fun.

Kristen breaks away from the usual content and shows viewers psychedelic hotels, European fashion tours, and how to choose the right travel bag.

Many online resources can help you get started, whether you’re searching for holistic tips, inspiration on adventure, or healthy recipes. What are your favorite YouTube channels?

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