Four essential beauty tips to protect your skin before and after hot yoga

If you practice hot yoga, you know and love it for all the wonderful benefits. But you also might notice some unfortunate negative side effects, like inflamed skin and breakouts. The increased temperature, combined with intense physical practice and getting your sweat on, can lead to a buildup of oil in your pores–which are ripe and open to take that oil in from the heat and humidity of the room.

Oil and dirt can settle into your pores, causing inflammation. These four beauty tips will help you protect your skin even before the class begins and rejuvenate it after a hot yoga session.

Before class, cleanse your face

Bring a makeup-free face to class. In a hot environment, our pores open up. With the humidity, sweat, and oil, adding makeup can be a bad idea. Keep a cleanser on hand for quick swipes before class.

Try a micellar cleanser to remove dirt, even waterproof makeup. Micellar water is made with mineral and plant extracts. It won’t strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated.

Keep your hair back

Hair oil can cause breakouts on your back and face. To prevent your hair from sticking to the skin and causing breakouts, keep it pulled back. To protect your skin from hair-to-skin contact, try a bun or top knot.

Don’t forget to protect your hair! By choosing metal-free hair ties, you can prevent snagging as well as breakage. Stock up on fabric hair ties to achieve a more stable but looser hold.

Use cool water to wipe off the residue

After class, use a cool towel to wipe away any oil before your pores close and lock in the grime. Avoid harsh face wipes after class because your skin may already be sensitive or inflamed.

If you do not have an infused towel, wipe it with cool water. Follow up with a face spritz that hydrates. We recommend a tea tree oil infusion, known for its antifungal and anti-acne properties. Rose or cucumber are great choices to soothe the skin gently and naturally.

Shower and change your clothes as soon as possible

If your clothes are saturated with sweat, there is no air or room for your skin to cool down and evaporate. This can cause inflammation to last longer and expose your pores to oil and sweat. To keep your skin healthy, shower with warm water whenever possible.

Bring a change of clothing if you can’t shower immediately. By changing into a new pair of clothes, including a sports bra and underwear, you can prevent bacteria from being deposited on your skin. This is important, especially for women’s undercarriage (if you understand what I mean).

Follow these quick beauty tips to keep your skin glowing and prevent oil buildup. You can look radiant in hot yoga by making a few simple changes to your skincare routine.

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