Improve your posture right now with these simple yoga techniques

Tadasana, Mountain Pose, is known as the blueprint for all yoga postures. It is often said that if you can apply the actions in Tadasana in any yoga pose, you are able to find alignment and ease. We can also use the alignment of Tadasana to improve our standing posture and keep our mothers happy that we are not slouching.

Here are some daily tips for maintaining a good posture:


Align your hips, shoulders, and ears to your ankles. Each part of your body should be stacked on top without rigidity.

Align the crown of your head with the pelvic and inner ankles. Instead of looking at your phone with your head down, hold the phone close to your face.

Soften your knees. We tend to lock our knees, which causes the pelvis to be out of alignment and puts extra weight on the heel. You can gently bend your knees so that you are moving your calves forward.

Keep a little more weight on your ball of foot when standing. This is especially important when you are wearing high heels.

Raise the frontal hips to the sky. We often dip our lower backs too much or slouch to pull on our lower backs. Lifting vertically engages the lower abdomen. Lift the lower ribs of your back away from your waistline.

Spread your collarbones out and lift the front armpit creases. Our breathing is restricted when our shoulders are rounded.


Find the center of your sitting bone and firmly root it into the surface you are sitting on by rocking back and forth and leaning from side to side.

Standing: Perform all the notes that are applicable to the torso.

While sitting, we all like to cross our legs and lean one way or the other. You can create moments in which your legs are parallel, and your feet are flat on the ground. Change the cross you’re sitting on every 15 minutes to maintain balance in your hips and lower spine.


These alignment points will be easier to maintain if you use looped breathing.

Start inhaling at the pubic bone and move the breath upwards to the crown of your head. Exhale down the back to the tailbone. Continue to do this while applying these points in order to maintain good posture. It will also give you extra energy.

If you want to release lower back pain or feel more grounded, do the opposite. Inhale at the tailbone, and then move your breath upwards to the crown of your head. Exhale by bringing the pubic bone to the floor. Continue the loop while applying all of the above points. This will help you to feel calm.

In the past, generations looked at good posture as an indicator of an adult who was well-developed. It affects the energy we have, which in turn affects what we think and create. Good postural habits are becoming rare with the increased use of computers and cell phones. You can improve your posture by following these simple principles.

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