How to build a sequence around a tree pose

Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, is one of the most iconic yoga postures. Ask someone to “stop, drop, and do yoga,” and 80% of the time, they will do Tree Pose.

How would you, as a yoga instructor or “ome practitioner, build” a sequence based on Tree Pose?

The Class’s Intention

It can be beautiful to design a practice that includes a Tree as the highest pose. This pose is a great way to introduce class themes like feeling grounded, growing your roots, rising towards the light, and blossoming.

These themes are great for the change of seasons, traveling, and retrograde days. Use the beauty of forests, trees, and jungles as inspiration for your practice.

Prepare Your Poses

The Tree Pose can be used to open the hips, improve balance, and align the spine.

Spend time in Tadasana to prepare for Tree Pose. You can help your students to find a strong, grounded Mountain Pose. Tadasana is a great way to help students develop a greater awareness of their bodies. They will also be able to align themselves in Tree Pose.

Include hip openers supine and seated at the start of the sequence. By the time students reach Vrksasana, their bodies will be ready.

Add More Advanced Variations to This Pose

A class or practice based on Tree could be designed by exploring all the ways that the body can form a similar shape, with a greater challenge to concentration and physical strength.

A Side Plank is great with your feet stacked up like a Tree Pose! Flying Eagle Pose, or Eka Pada Galvanasana, is a challenging balance for the arms that comes from Tree. Tree Pose allows you to explore Headstands and Handstands.

There are literally endless possibilities!

Tree Pose remains a favorite even after decades of yoga practice. It’s always a challenge and comforting. And it always gives you a beautiful, energetic expression of your body. Do not be afraid tIt’speriment with your sequences and practice. Find out how to add more Tree Poses into your life.

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